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Q: How much will Kennel Sales charge to sell my business?


A: We operate a “No Sale = No Fee” basis.

This simply means:

  • No charge for registering a property.
  • No charge for taking any photographs.
  • No charge for preparing a set of sales particulars.
  • No charge for advertising (unless a vendor makes an exceptional or special request).
  • No requests for further monies if marketed for long periods of time.
  • No charge for any fees if we are unsuccessful and the property is sold by another agency.
  • No cancellation fee if the property is withdrawn from the market unsold.

However, we will make a small charge for visiting a property, payable at the time of visitation. But, that same amount (less VAT) shall be deducted from our final invoice when we sell the property.

Please contact us for information about our competitive rates.