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Kennel Sales - Purchasers FAQ


Q: Who are Kennel Sales?

A: Probably the largest agency in the UK specialising ONLY in boarding catteries and kennels for sale.


Q: Do Kennel Sales sell any other type of businesses like many business transfer agents?

A: NO - at we only sell boarding kennel and cattery businesses.


Q: What experience do Kennel Sales have within this specialised market?

A: Kennel Sales was established early in 1985, AND is still under the same ownership. We have sold the most boarding kennel and cattery businesses in the United Kingdom. As agents we are members of the National Association of Estate Agents and the Institution of Commercial and Business Agents, and are therefore bound to conduct all business under their codes and ethics.

However, and possibly more important to both vendors and buyers, we are owners ourselves of a large successful boarding kennel and cattery. We therefore also have a practical working knowledge and understanding of what we sell, and are more than willing to continue offering any help or guidance after you have made a successful purchase.


Q: Can Kennel Sales answer any questions about specific properties?

A: We have normally visited every property we are offering; in fact we may well have been the agent that sold the facility to the vendor who is now wishing to sell, so we know about its history. Do not hesitate to call us with any queries you may have - we are here to help.


Q: Can I run a Boarding Kennels?

A: Most people who purchase a boarding kennel or cattery business through us are first time buyers of a business. These businesses have held up remarkably well during this latest recession. Most of them with which we have regular contact have been largely unaffected by the current economic climate, and because of this there has never been a better time to purchase a kennel or cattery business.


Q: Can Kennel Sales offer financial advice and advise on how much I may be able to borrow?

A: Different applicants will have different purchasing capabilities on different properties. We have independent Mortgage Advisers who are more than willing to help and, because they are independent, they can take mortgage applications to their contacts within all the major leading sources. They are not tied to just one lender, therefore ensuring that you, as an intending purchaser, obtain the best loan to suit your personal circumstances.


Q: Can Kennel Sales recommend professional services - accountants and solicitors?

A: Being in practice as long as we have, we have built up professional contacts with many of the above, all having experience with kennel and cattery businesses, in most parts of the country. We are always happy to pass on recommendations. We should be able offer you a choice, which may be either local to where you are living at present or local to your intended purchase, as you may wish to continue using their services.


Q: Does this service cost me, a potential purchaser, anything?

A: No - our fees are paid by the sellers. You simply request information or property particulars and we send it out either by e-mail or post.


Q: When are we available?

A: Almost any time as we live on site. However, your phone call may go to voicemail if we are very busy or out of the office at time. Please just leave a short message; we will be happy to return a call.


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